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Resources / FAQ

Once customers receive the cards loaded with videos, can the customers delete these videos and add new ones loaded?
What if video brochure gets damaged during delivery or if it does not work?
Ans:Damaged stock is all insured and replaceable.
Warranty period- Is there a warranty period for this?
Ans:1 years
Do your prices include delivery?
Ans:The prices do not usually include delivery.
What order do the videos play in?
Ans:The videos will play in the alphanumeric IE : 00 , 01,02 ,03 etc
Is it possible to swap videos on video brochure?
How many seconds does it take for the video to start playing?
Ans:Approximately 2-3 seconds
How much would the video brochure cost increase by if we added more videos?
Ans:No additional charge for multiple
What is the standard timeline for delivery once we supply artwork?
Ans:This depends on QTY of order but can be from as little as 1 day if supplied out of stock. 
Normal delivery time for other orders is between 8 to 12 days depending on quantities

What is the life of video brochure?
Ans:All video brochure  product is  guaranteed for life
Can you provide the mini USB cable for charging the video brochure ?
Ans:Yes, we can provide mini USB
Can the video brochure be re-used?
How long is video play time?
Ans:Play time up to 12 hours can be specified
What is the battery life?
Ans:Battery life up to 12 hours ,can be specified (1.5 hours standard). Batteries are fully rechargeable via  mini USB port
What format does videos need to be to play and are there any other specifications that we should be aware of?
Ans:This varies on screen size. HD options are available, otherwise 2.4"and 2.8" is 320 x 240 resolution, 4.3" and 5" is 480 x 272, 7" in 1024 x 600 and 10" is 1024 x 600. Various file
formats can be used including MP4 or AVI, 
(we will normally correctly encode, optimise and load any video for you)
What memory size do the video brochure have?
Ans:From 256MB to 16GB depending on your requirements.
What is the screen size?
Ans:Screen size are currently 2.4", 2.8", 3.5", 4.3", 5" 7" and 10.1"
What size are the Video Brochure?
Ans:We can supply cards from business card size, A5 .A4 size  to bespoke video brochure sizes, including Videobooks and Video Presentation Boxes.